If you need to sideload the Smartcode app on your device please contact Smartcode support who will issue you with an apk file.


Once you have the file on the device, go into 'Settings' and scroll down to 'Unknown Sources' and tick the box to enable.



Then go to the 'File Browser' application on your device



Tap the up arrow to traverse up a directory



Select the 'Internal' folder



Then the 'Download' folder



The apk you downloaded will then be visible in the folder



Sometimes Android will download the apk file as a .bin attachment. If you see a bin file you will need to rename it to apk, do to this long press the bin file and select the 'Rename' option



You can then change the file extension to 'apk'



The apk will now be available for you to install, just tap it to launch



Then tap 'Install'



The application will then proceed to install



Once complete, tap 'Open'



You can then proceed with Initialising your device


Note if you see a 'black square' once initialised you will need to change the scan type from 'camera' to 'keyboard'.


Motorola TC55 users will also need to enable auto buffer submit.