There are two options for generating your Smartcode batch pick lists, automated and manual. You can find a guide to both below.




Automated batch picking follows structured system rules to generate your batch picks at regular intervals.

A typical setup would be to obtain orders waiting to be picked every 10 minutes. Once we have the open orders we can then group them into batch picks by....

  • Pick Location
  • Postage Service
  • Product Type
  • Item Size
  • etc etc

Once generated, the batches are pushed to your scanning devices and made available to pick. If a batch is not picked before the next automated batch process runs, those orders are resorted into new batches to keep the batch picks efficient.




If you wish to manually generate your batch picks, there is a button available in the Batch Log section of your Smartcode admin system


This has the effect of taking a snapshot of your existing orders awaiting picking and creating batches from them.