To use the returns feature within the Smartcode application just scan or manually enter the order no in the Smartcode application. If the order is in 'Processed' state, i.e. its been shipped, you'll then see the returns screen on your device.

In this example above you can see

  • Date of purchase (18/06/2021)
  • Delivery Postcode (LS1 4JB)
  • Number of days since order was placed (0 days)

There is an optional box to record the tracking no of the returned item. Simply scan any Royal Mail or DPD label on the returned package and this will be logged to the Smartcode system.

To get started on processing the return long press the order line for the returned item. You will then be presented with the return options for that line

Once the return type has been selected the user is required to enter more information


Once completed a target printer can then be scanned to produce a new stock label for the returned item. It can be relocated to the shelves.