Open smartcode.msi

If you are on Windows 10 you will likely see this:



Click on More Info and it will change to this:



and you can click "Run anyway"

The setup application looks like this:



We strongly recommend keeping the default installation path, which is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Smartcode Solutions\Smartcode\


Windows may ask if you give permission for the install:



Smartcode Desktop will set itself up to autorun on boot, meaning if you shutdown every night or reboot you won't have to worry about manually relaunching every boot.


After install, you can run Smartcode Desktop manually from the Start Menu, or you can reboot. In either case the first run will show a permission request that looks something like:



Once permission is granted, you will be presented with this:



You will need to enter the PIN provided to you, for example:



If you have not been provided with a PIN please contact Smartcode support.

Once your PIN is accepted, you'll be given a list of connected printers that looks something like this:



Please choose the printer that you wish to use. If you have more than one printer you'd like to use you'll get a chance to add more.


Note that the printer name is specific to Smartcode Desktop only, so you can name it anything to help you identify it. For example "LabelPrinterOffice1". We'd recommend not using spaces.


Once added, Smartcode Desktop will disappear, and lives in the system tray (it is the first icon below:)



Double clicking that icon will bring up the main Smartcode Desktop window:



Here you can add more printers if you wish. Once you've added all the printers you want to, please right click on each printer and print a test page



You can also remove printers, and rename or switch the used tray of printers within this menu.