If your system is stock check enabled your devices will have the stock check tab visible

Tapping the tab allows you to scan an item to bring up the count screen. If you are planning to conduct a large stock check you may want to utilise the 'Increment on first scan' feature.

From the count screen you can scan the items on the shelves to increment the count, or long press the 'count' value to enter the count manually.

Once the count is complete it can be submitted to the Smartcode cloud by tapping 'Submit'

When the count is received by Smartcode it is compared against the stock level within your stock control system. We call this a 'snapshot'.

If you access your stock take report you will see the snapshot for your submitted count and the count data

So in this example, the stock control system has an inventory level of 1 for the item, but the count on the shelves is 14 which means there is a 13 item positive variance.

If you have less in stock than they inventory level in your stock control software you will see a negative variance

If the count matches the inventory level in your stock control software you will see a zero variance.

The stock variance report can be exported in multiple formats, just use the buttons at the top right to initiate an export

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